» Wedding, Portrait and Event Photography by Suzanne Pressman // Austin,TX

Sari and Aaron’s paths crossed in South Korea where they were both teaching English. I love how they both bring different sensibilities to the table. Sari is fascinated by “the relationship between nature’s processes and human society. She is inspired by the many ways in which community and school food gardening can positively impact individuals, communities, and the environment, and she is passionate about spreading awareness of these benefits to the people of her native Austin.” She is also super fun and loves riding her bike in leisurely fashion with Aaron of course, seeing kids get inspired by natural phenomena, succulents, swimming holes, live music and she values her friends enormously. All that and she is breathtakingly gorgeous!

Aaron is her perfect compliment – with a deep passion for music since age 3 when he got his first drum set and the brains of a mechanical engineer major who also took advantage of the amazing jazz program at UT. He decided that he loved teaching and music much more than engineering and has followed his heart to become a full time drummer and teacher! Here’s what he had to say about Sari and life…

“Being with Sari has also been life-changing. She showed me so many things when we were first together. I now know about so many bugs, trees, and plants because of her. Gardening and sustainability have become huge passions of mine. I also cook a LOT more! Also, my ideal way to live is to always have fun and excitement with my job. I don’t want to work just to make money; I like having creative license over what I do.”

This is a couple that just spoke right to my heart and it really felt like an honor to get to document this special kind of connection and love on the wedding day. Their wedding was held at Sari’s parents’ private residence, Acacia Ranch, in Bertram, TX. The ceremony was under an Acacia tree in front of 300 loving guests and family members. Hand written vows were exchanged and the appreciation Sari and Aaron expressed for one another was enormous. They both mentioned their love of the moon which I share with them:)The reception was out of this world. Under the biggest white tent I have ever seen, the celebration of a lifetime was had by all to the brilliant Brazilian beats of Seu Jacinto. To many moons of adventures and happiness… congrats Sari and Aaron!!

Ceremony musicians: Owen Summers and Josh Flowers  // Band: Seu Jacinto // Florist: Ayesha Batra (a friend and bridesmaid!) // Hair stylist for Sari: Grey Scale Salon by Caroline Nichole // Coordinator and catering: Becca Schafer Events




Katie and Greg are two very awesome people and it was such an honor to be their photographer.  I had so much fun with them and their warm friends and families.  The Allan House is a great place for a Winter wedding with it’s clear heated tent. The ceremony was heartfelt and profound officiated by Greg’s pastor who came all the way from Chicago. This day was the perfect mixture of elegance and FUN! The glowsticks were an amazing addition to an already happening dance floor – thanks to great DJing by Floyd Banks of Hill Country DJs. I truly loved eveyting about this wedding and wish Katie and Greg all the love and success in this world!



The Rockin’ Y Ranch was the perfect “Texasy” spot for Kelly and Tony’s destination wedding.  Kelly and Tony just happened to be next door neighbors in California. Since it was a duplex, they literally shared a bedroom wall which made it very convenient from the beginning. Fate could not have done a better job pairing these two. They are both such laid back warm people and they made each other smile and laugh all night. I love that they did a “first look” before the ceremony so they could party right after the ceremony. There were lots of special touches at this wedding including table numbers made by Kelly’s dad, a burlap banner by Kelly’s sister, and a couple special performances. Kelly’s mom played the autoharp while one of her awesome bridesmaids beautifully sang “Sea of Love.” Kelly with her sister and mother then surprised Tony with an out of this world choreographed dance of Roy Orbision’s “You Got It.” The ceremony officiated by Katrina Baecht had so many personal touches and the speeches after dinner were very special and even included a reading from the Little Prince.  I really enjoyed all the thought,  quirks and personal touches that went into this wedding day.

Thank you to all the vendors for being so great! Catering by Fritz // Cake by Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop // DJ – Jesse with Byrne Rock DJ // Makeup by Amber Hill // Hair by Chenoh at Black Orchid Salon // Flowers by D.Sweetpeas



Can Melanie and Taylor and their dog, Kevin, be any cuter? I think not. These two wanted some shots that screamed “Austin” so we hit up the mural at Roadhouse Relics then headed to Town Lake and Butler Park for a very Austin vibe. I am so excited to be their wedding photographer at Chateau Bellvue next month! Scroll down to see a seriously adorable couple that are madly in love!townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0001townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0002townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0003townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0004townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0005townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0006townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0007townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0008townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0009townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0010townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0011townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0012townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0013townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0014townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0015townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0016townlake-austin-engagement-town-lake-photography_0017


I can’t believe over a year has passed and I have not blogged one of my all time favorite weddings. I just finished designing a sample album so here are all the spreads/pages from this gorgeous Texas desert wedding. One serendipitous night when I was taking my first two-step dance lesson at the Broken Spoke in Austin, TX – I just happened to be paired with Sarah and Brian when learning the “Cotton-Eyed Joe” (for you non-Texans, this is a dance where you link arms and rows of people circle the room doing crazy things with their feet). It was then that I learned that Sarah and Brian were having an intimate wedding in a small ghost town outside of Big Bend National Park. They were not planning on having a photographer since it’s a nine hour drive from Austin to the middle of nowhere and there aren’t really any local photographers out there. Of course, I cannot let a wedding go unphotographed so I managed to convince them they indeed needed a photographer and that got to be me lucky ol’ me! I went for the entire wedding weekend where I also fell in love with the dusty abandoned magical land of Terlingua, Texas. Sarah and Brian were wed in the most beautiful quaint 1800′s church and spent a relaxing evening with their closest friends and family at La Posado Milagro, enjoying an amazing cabrito (roasted goat), fire pit, a spectacular sunset over The Chisos Mountains – all under the twinkling Texas desert stars. It was a purely magical weekend and the perfect reflection or Sarah and Brian’s one of a kind love.terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0001terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0002terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0003terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0004terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0005terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0006terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0007terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0008terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0009terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0010terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0011terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0012terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0013terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0014terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0015terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0016terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0017terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0018terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0019terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0020terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0021terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0022terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0023terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0024terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0025terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0026terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0027terlingua-wedding-big-bend-desert-photography_0028