My Favorite Things

  • This is probably obvious, but I love photography in general. Events, portraits, family, pets, commercial, etc. I seek to put what’s in front of me in the best light. Always.
  • People – connecting and hearing stories. I am fascinated by psychology and humankind and most of all LOVE.
  • Austin, TX! I moved here from Florida in 2007. The people, culture, music, great food and green spaces are hard to beat!
  • Candid photos. They’re the best and it’s so fun to seek perfect moments out!
  • Big or small, I love all weddings! I am so honored to be a part of any wedding ranging from traditional to quirky.
  • Designing wedding albums. It is so cool to see the moments of your big day laid out as a story in a heirloom book
  • People who tell me they’re not photogenic, so I can prove them wrong.
  • All my clients! I am so grateful to be chosen by them and have become part of so many families.
  • Being outside. I go camping at every chance and can never get enough sunshine, fresh air, and nature.
  • Nikon and Fuji cameras and all the bells and whistles! I always have to have the latest and greatest gear.
  • Art, all art. Can you imagine the world without it? It’s my favorite form of history.
  • My best friend, Lilli. She’s a mutt, love muffin and adventurer. You will get snuggled by her if you come to my home studio for a consultation.

If my images resonate with you, please get in touch anytime to get the dialogue started! I can’t wait to hear from you!


Voted as a top photographer by Austin  Monthly Magazine!